Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's been over a week and nothing's happened. Can't keep calm about it, though, I half expect Wren to just blow the entire resort up any moment. But I have the feeling he's going to play it smarter than that.

Mary and I are talking about moving on soon. Not much left here, and the sooner we move, the better. I don't know if we'll stay together the entire time. Probably not. I've got things to do, same as she does.


  1. Good luck out there Strahm... Between the fiasco at Hope, and Mary's revelation, I get the feeling things are only going to get worse from here.

  2. Continuing from your last post. I think I have an idea of when we are going to be hit with something big:


    Hope to contact you soon Zeke.

  3. Perhaps... he has merely come to realize the truth, Zeke. Perhaps every word you used to blamed him for every wrong happening in your entire life has been rolling around in his head. Churning. Gnawing. And, finally, he sees you for you: The self-absorbed, shell of a man who Once Was.

    The Dark Knight. The Hero, himself... well, he has been dead a long time, hasn't he? Leaving not but his shadow behind.


    Still claiming himself to be caring. To be what he is "supposed to be." But in the end, you know the truth. You don't care. All you care about is yourself. Wren was a mere tool for you to use. Same as Eric. Same as Liz.

    Tell me I'm wrong, my friend. Go ahead. Try.

  4. Now, I MIGHT be Insane, but Nightscream's both insane and a tool. (Ahhh yes, double-puns. My night is made.)

    You're not dead yet. Make every minute count, and one thing to remember about Wren: People who have that kind of break where they're willing to take out their own people on some kind of Ends-justifies-the-means psychosis tend to want to make even bigger, grander gestures if that doesn't do the trick.

    And this guy knows a thing or two about explosives.

    Don't let him play his game. And remember: If Fisk screws up and grabs Wren looking for you, it still accomplishes what you want.

  5. Hey, Zeke, just a suggestion here from a guy who just caught up with your recent posting. When you move (if you do), please don't put it on the blog until after you do, for your safety. Chances are that Wren lurks here too.

    One more thing, based on a few things I've noticed in a bunch of Slender Man stories online, I think you're overdue for a visit from Tall, Pale, 'n' Faceless. From what I can see, he likes drawing out long periods of nothing followed by an appearance... Since you've shown that you have the balls not to be freaked out by him in his 'human' form, he'll probably have something special planned for you. Watch your back.

    Until we hear from you again... best of luck, buddy.

  6. I still can't believe you re real...