Friday, December 30, 2011

(My phone went off at around one in the morning. I answered on the first ring.)

S: Even for you, that was low.

W: You read the papers, I take it.

S: Why?

W: Because I could. What difference does it make?

S: Of course it makes a difference, the man's dead.

W: The man beat the hell out of his daughter and tore her down for years. He's not going to be missed.

S: You think just because it's justified in your mind, that makes it right? You think you can just go around and do whatever you want?

W: If it gets the job done.

S: You're a fucking child, you realize that?

W: I do what needs to be done. I've always done what's needed to be done.

S: What, like kill your entire unit just to get a couple of low-life scumbags?

W: Or rat out one guy to bring down an entire drug ring.


S: ...Excuse me?

W: We were getting nowhere on that case. Families were being terrorized. That mob was leveling the whole freakin' suburb. They would've destroyed everything if I didn't do what I did.

S: You sold out Mickey...

W: Three years of time and resources and all it took was one anonymous phone call that brought them down.

(pause. When I speak again, my voice is shaking.)

S: And in doing that, Eric confined himself to a desk. You realize the impact of that? If he hadn't done that, he wouldn't have been assigned to our case. If he hadn't been assigned to the case, he wouldn't have gotten kidnapped. Which means Lizzie never would have gone into that warehouse, which means she and Eric would still be alive, and we'd all still be at the station, alive and well. Did you ever think about that?


S: So you mean to tell me that the reason I'm on the run, the reason my throat is fucked, my partner is dead, and my sanity is all but gone, was all because you decided to be a fucking hero? Is that what you're telling me?

W: You give me way too much credit.

S: Sounds like I'm giving you the credit you deserve!

W: Lizzie was being stalked by Slender Man, she would've died anyway.

S: You don't know that!

W: Don't I? Come on, Zee. You've been at this long enough to know that by now. He won't stop until he gets what he wants. Which is why I'm going to give him what he wants.

S: Yeah? And what would that be?

W: You know.


S: You're gonna throw her under the bus just to save your own worthless ass.

W: She's the one who set him loose. Way I see, I'm re-balancing the natural order by giving her back to him.

S: You can't do that, Wren.

W: Oh, why the fuck not? I'm sure everyone else would agree.

S: We don't know that she's what set him off!

W: She fucked with his meal, so I'm gonna give him comeuppance!

S: That was years ago! I'm sure he's had enough food by now to get over that!

W: And yet he keeps coming. Keeps searching. For what? What's he looking for, Zee, huh? Why's he still hunting if he's had enough? Two and a half years he's been on a rampage and he's only getting worse. I mean, fuck, man, Ava's dead now. We just saw her, what, four, five months ago, all perky and ready to pop out her kid, and now she's six feet under. Who's next? We're running out of time and we're running out of friends.

(It's funny, but right here, I remember what Eric said when I saw him back in February. His words ring in my mind: “Who's going to be next? Danny? Ava? Reach?” It's funny because they're all dead now. It's like he knew. But how could he not. We're all dead sooner or later.)

S: Can't let you sacrifice her, Wren.

W: I'm done taking orders from you, Zee.

S: Well I'm just going to have to stop you.

W: Yeah...we'll see if you can.

(Line goes dead. Conversation ends here.)


  1. Sooner or later everyone dies, even if he hands over the girl, he's only speeding one death, possibly two, and he's not delaying anyone's. The Slender Man is older than any of us, he eats when he wants to.

    See you around
    - Cage

  2. Slow down, Zeke. There's no way he could've known what one phone call would do.

    On the other hand, there's no way he can know what sacrificing Mary will do, so I'm not saying to stop what I know you're doing. Just... try to be rational about it. I know it's hard to stay focused, but sticking to pure, Cartesian logic is what I find easiest to follow.

    Be careful.

  3. You can't really blame one phone call on everything that happened, Zeke. Wren is a crazy motherfucker, but he couldn't have known that was going to happen, and either way, a lot of little things could have led to the events that happened with Eric and Liz. It's not fair to pin the blame on one thing like that.

    Sacrificing Mary is insane, though. If Slender Man wanted her badly for what happened a few years ago, he would have already found SOME way to take her. Wren is right on something--Slender Man doesn't seem to just be terrorizing and eating innocent people because he feels like it, he must be searching for something. I don't think it's Mary, but I do think that last bit may be right.

    Stay safe.

  4. Looks like you and Wren both have issues understanding cause-and-effect.

  5. do you understand? because i don't

    less and less
    it changes

  6. Wren, if you're listening, hell, Zeke if your listening, I have theories where this thing really comes from, and what it wants.

    I also think I know who its master is.