Saturday, January 21, 2012

I didn't let her go alone. I stepped out of the shower and there was a message on the table that she wrote telling me she was going into town for supplies. I'm not taking the fucking blame for that. She was stupid enough not to wait for me.

I should just leave her. It would serve her right. She's not my responsibility, and she's not my problem. I could just leave right now and not look twice. Leave her and him behind to their own problems, continue on with what I'm doing. Survive.

And really, what if he's right? What if we give her up and he goes away? Wouldn't that be worth finding out, sacrificing this one? To just try and see?


But I can't do that, can I? No...dammit...


  1. Sure you can Zeke. It just won't change anything.

  2. You've already shown your extent to kill, this is the lesser of two evils. Stick to the plan you had to begin with, only idiots try and play hero. DON'T GO GETTING TIED UP IN HERO SHIT, NO ONE NEEDS IT.

  3. Ah, Zeke. You /KNOW/ that you can't let this go. You have too much of the heroic personality.
    Rule one, don't die.
    Rule two, kill that bastard.

  4. Zeke, don't do it. Killing her is not going to solve anything. I actually have an idea on how to stop it, or at least get it to never hurt us again.

  5. You know what I find so amusing?

    We hear again and again how pretentious my kin are. How we are arrogant. Selfish. Corrupt. Yet not one of us have ever claimed to be "The One" to stop it all. The single person He wants to stop His Hunt. The single person who can save so many with such NOBLE sacrifice...

    ...Plotting to kill someone in vain is noble, right?

    In any case... Congratulations, you two. Your deluded notions of your own importance in the matter is truly a sight for the ages.

  6. Nightscream, quit being such a bastard. -_______-