Friday, January 20, 2012

Goddamn it. Not tonight. Please, if there's a God out there, don't pull this the night I'm getting out of here.

Wren, I swear to Christ, if you read this and you did something to her, I'm going to fucking kill you.


  1. Sitting on a blog and whining won't do jack shit, Zeke. I suggest you look for her; maybe you can get to her before Wren does.

  2. let her go collect supplies alone while there's a full-blown psychotic man targeting her? You didn't, like, actually sit down and think this through, did ya? Does Mary even know that Wren is batshit insane and going after her? Because I hope she knew this last bit of information.

    I hope you went looking for her. That's all I can say.