Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Memory...

One year.

One year since that mass break-out from prison.

One year since Conaghan retreated into the warehouse.

One year since I went in after him and discovered the most terrifying creature imaginable.

And one year since Lizzie was taken from me.

I never got to go to the funeral. Did I ever tell you guys that? At that time, I was more concerned with keeping myself alive and out of Slender Man's sight. I regret it now. I wonder who went. The chief, obviously, and a few of her friends and probably the entire department, for that matter. But not her father. Not Eric. And certainly not me.

And here I am, in Maryland, trying to figure out a solution, but going nowhere fast. I need her. She was the brains. She always knew what to do. Now she's away from all this and I'm stuck trying to pick up the pieces.

It's almost poetic...

Next chance I get, I'm going to visit her grave. Maybe find some closure.

'Til then, I'm still here, I'm still alive. I guess that counts for something.

Celeste will update sometime this week...maybe even tonight. Who knows.


I love you, Lizzie.

I miss you so much.

Hopefully I'll see you soon.


  1. you may have lost her, Strahm, but you also made a lot of people aware of her.

    A good deal of people know of her life here, and that should be a small comfort at least, eh?

  2. It never, ever gets easier. It's always good to have place to drop the roses off when you can. Just be careful: If I were Fisk, I'd have the grave watched.

  3. Christ, when...well, I've got something bad coming my way any day now, if I have the pattern recognition God gave a bacon rasher.

    I hope I can be as strong as you've been. But I doubt it.

    Try your damnedest not to die, mate. Best to keep on living, if just to spite the fucker.

  4. Mr. Strahm. If you're going to keep alive the memory of Lizzie (God rest her soul), then please don't let her have died in vain. Be strong, we're all here for you, we still are, we still will be, no matter what that bastard does.
    Strahm, sir, I don't care if you won't listen to what I have to say, but.. I'm sure Lizzie would have wanted you to keep going. So, please, honor that. If not for her, then for the rest of us. You're, if you'll pardon the clichè, a sort of beacon of hope for us lost in the sea of hopelessness that is the trail tall, dark and faceless leaves behind. Don't give up, okay?

  5. Sorry for your loss, Zeke. A friend once told me "Life goes on..." I've been living by this phrase for a while now. Hopefully it sticks with you, too.

  6. Good to see you're still fighting the good fight and living the good life, Zeke.


  7. You're still fighting, Zeke. That's what matters right now. Lizzy didn't deserve what happened to her, no one does. But you're fighting for her and for all, and you're the first one to get close to taking that monster down, so we're rooting for you.

    Stay strong, Zeke.

  8. Finally got caught up with you guys. Or at least three of you. Mr. Strahm, I'm so sorry for your loss.
    I never had the privilege of knowing her, but I think she'd be proud of you. You've given us all hope.

  9. sometimes i wish i had your strength. i wish i could tell people what i've gone through. what i've lost. but i doubt anyone would want to hear it. it's the same old shit. he got to me, that's all there is to it.

    but hang in there, zeke. we're all pulling for you. every last one of us.

  10. Jesus, man.
    I get it. Really, I do. But what's with the "See you soon?" Come on. You're Zeke. You can do better than that. Would she want to you to have given up?

    She's dead, Zeke. There's no "getting out of this". There's only being killed (in a forest?) or getting really, really dead. And is there something after that? Dunno, that's Walter's domain.

    Either way....

    Fine. Give up and die. But you're a badass, Zeke. and you know what? I respect you for what you've done, how you've dealt with this.

    You know who I don't respect?


    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck. If I could get out of this godforsaken place and help, I would. There's be no higher honor, ASSUMING YOU DON'T GO OFF AND CRY AND DIE.

    Good luck, Zeke.

    Richard Battle