Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bringing in Help

Before I go into what happened after, I should finish up my arrival in the hospital room.

We sat in silence for a few moments. She knew what I wanted to ask, and I knew she was going to resist, but I had to see for myself. Not just to judge the damage, but needed to see the proof that things had really escalated this far.

“Let me see,” I said.

She shook her head.

“Celeste,” I said again, “let me see.”


Violet interrupted in order to give Celeste back her rosary, but it didn't make me lose my resolve. I had to see it for myself. She was in pain, I realized that, but I just had to see.

She saw that I wasn't going to give in.

“Zeke, don't make me,” she begged, and I think that made me soften a bit, hearing how tired she sounded, how defeated.

“I'm sorry.” And I was. But the sooner I saw it, the sooner I could get to work.

She finally showed me, and when she did I made sure to be as gentle as I could be with her. But there it was, that large fucking scar on the back of her neck, his mark like a god damn target sign. I cursed under my breath as I touched it as gently as I could.

Not gentle enough. She screamed and pushed her face into the pillow. Violet gave me that look that Lizzie used to give me whenever I had screwed up big time, so I put my hand on her back to try and comfort her. I dunno if it worked or not. I like to think it did.

Then I went into the interrogation. What happened, how she was attacked, was there anyone else involved, that sort of deal. What she gave me was what I already knew, but double-checking always helped. Practical Cat was by himself, as far as we knew, and he was strong enough to at least take control over her long enough to do...whatever he wanted. No one really knew what else he had done. I certainly was okay not knowing.

This was a big job. Not only was I going against Practical Cat, but Keaton and whomever else the FBI had sent out here were still around. Sorry, folks, but if I'm really gonna do this, I need to call help.

I went outside to make the call; I didn't want them hearing it. He picked up on the second ring.

“Welcome to Movie Phone,” he answered with.

“Wren, I need you down in Maryland for a little while.”

“Oooh, we going cat hunting?”

“Just keeping an eye on things for now.”

“Aw, that's no fun.”


“Alright, well, I'm in Philly right now, gimme a couple hours, and I'll be right down. Meet you at the hospital?”

“I'll be here. See you then.”

During those couple of hours I decided to take a walk around town and see what there was. During my walks, I was able to deduce two things: one, nothing of importance ever seemed to happen here, and two, none of the people seemed to emulate suspicion like the people in Indiana did. None of them looked at me funny or treated me differently; if anything, they treated me as just another speck among the many specks of town. If there was a cult in America that worshiped Slender Man, it had not reached this town; of which I was particularly grateful for.

After a cup of coffee and a bagel, I went back to the hospital to wait. Wren finally arrived about forty minutes after that, and hopped out of the car acting as if he was right on time instead of a half an hour late. He looked perky and chipper given the situation, which would have been odd for anyone who didn't know him. Wren never lost his cool, ever. He was always calm, cool, and in control of himself.

“Alright, so where's the patient, doctor?” was the first thing out of his mouth.

I led him inside, keeping an eye on him and wondering how I was possibly going to explain this one to Celeste, who absolutely hated his guts. He's not exactly Mr. Popular these days, even by me, who knows him. But hey, this was desperate times. And even though the proxies wouldn't be scared off by him, the FBI would be a little weary before touching this one.

“What were you doing in Philadelphia?” I decided to ask him.

“Working on that favor you asked of me.”

“Any luck?”

He sighed. “She was there for three weeks in March, then took off. I don't think she went far, though. She leaves a bit of a trail wherever she goes, Philly's just the third town since we split ways. I think she wants to be found, Zee.”

“Well, hopefully we won't keep her waiting too long.”

We were outside her door when I told him to wait outside; knowing Celeste, I wanted her to hear it from me before he just waltzed in. He didn't complain, just shrugged and leaned against the wall. At least he's not the kind of guy to bombard you with protests when you tell him to do/don't do something.

When I went inside, Celeste and Violet were still inside and they both looked up at me as I closed the door behind me. I have no idea why- maybe it was Ava's warning, maybe it was these two girls' personalities, or maybe it was a disturbance in the force that is my life- but I was very, very nervous as I told her that I had called in someone to help me out.

She knew without me even telling her who it was.




“It's just for a little while, until you're better-”


“Really, Zeke? Really?” Violet's look on her face was one of absolute loathing. It was a losing battle, for sure, but me being me, I wasn't going to step down, and her being her, neither was she.

"Zeke," Celeste glared at me and for a fleeting moment I felt like I was back in grade school. "He is a CRIMINAL. I don't know what he did, and I don't CARE what he did, he is not being around me."

"I understand you don't like him, but he's the only help I have right now. He's a SWAT officer-"

"EX-SWAT, I would hope."

"Yes, ex, but still SWAT, and that training doesn't go away. And right now, that's good enough for me. Look, I don't trust him, not completely, but I need the help, Celeste."

She wasn't budging, and I knew it was going to take some time. And then Wren decided to step in and make everything worse.

“Yo, can I come in now, because the nurse is giving me weird looks-”

“Get out of my room!”

“Woooah, easy there, chica, I'm just here on Zeke's invite-”


“Will you get him out of here, Zeke, please?”

“Will everyone just calm down!”

“Why are we even yelling? I didn't do anything yet.”

“She doesn't want you in here, asshole!”

“Yeah, and I can think of a hundred better places to be in than a hospital in some tumbleweed town in the middle of nowhere, but seeing as how she's been fucked up by a social retard controlled by a medieval woodcut come to life, it looks to me as though you could use all the help you can get-”


She suddenly clasped the back of her neck as smalls drops of blood hit her pillowcase. In all the commotion, her stitches has ripped open, and right then she was doing her damnedest not to break down and cry right in front of us. Violet held her and tried to calm her down while I forefully shoved Wren out the door and called for the doctor, while inwardly cursing up a storm and keeping myself from strangling all of them.

Needless to say, things have not been going very well.


  1. Good job. I hope you don't expect us to support your calling in Wren.

  2. Yes bring in your friend. You know how the Master loves picking groups apart. Have fun running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Have fun while you can.

  3. Well. I don't necessarily think that was quite the way that idea should have proceeded, I'm going to commend you for bringing in the help. Because at this point, with everything that's going on there, I think you need it. Even if nobody fully trusts Wren.

    Now if everyone could get along...

    ~ Branwen

  4. Hello again, Zeke.

    I've noticed something important that I think It's time for you know.

    SlenderMan is not invincible.

    You want to know the Truth? The Tall One survives on fear. For example, It seems that you are no longer scared of Him. Have you noticed He came around when you were in Damien's home? When you had an once of fear in your heart?

    This has shown in everyone aware of Him. My friend and I were stalked for around a year. Tormented by fear. Eventually, we stopped caring. We weren't afraid. We were waiting for Him to kill us.

    Nothing happened.

    Everyone who's not afraid never sees Him.

    Everyone who is afraid is DEAD.

    At first I thought that since they were afraid, their imaginations were perceiving visions of Him, but...

    It's the only thing I have to believe in anymore.

    Happy Hunting.

    -The Director

    1. :/ This comment lost me at its inability to use English correctly. Most noticeable in the misspelling of Ounce.

      Also... If he wasn't too busy trying to look smart, he'd know fear doesn't drive Slendy. Slendy drives fear. And you can NOT be afraid of him all you want, but that doesn't stop him from knocking your shit to the curb. If anything, he's driven more by knowledge than anything else. Once you know about him, and start to know more, he gets all up in your grill like a gangsta rapper wannabe at Eminem's house party.

      Can you just imagine a Slendyrapper?

      ... :')

  5. I'm not afraid of the Tall Man, and I'm fine, you silly thing!

  6. Oh. Now I see what you mean! I'm still not afraid of thim tho!

  7. Alright, how about this? According to the director, TSM doesn't "get" you if you're not scared. Try to make everyone you know who is against Mr. Skinny not fear him. Try to keep in high spirits, listen to happy music. Do whatever that keeps you from becoming depressed or scared or worried. We're all here for you, Zeke. Please don't get yourself killed.

  8. Wow, everything's happening all at once, isn't it? Well, good luck to you.

  9. I address this to Mr. Strahm, Mr. M, Mr. Maudin, Mr. Zero, and anyone else who will hear me. I cannot message you. I do not know why, but I cannot. This will not let me. I ask my reader to forward this to you, for I can't, and I put my trust in you. Do note that I am putting myself at great risk bringing you this information.

    WEAKNESS (that doesn't matter much...perhaps):

    Around large bodies of moving waters, his powers become suppressed. He cannot even so much as extend a single tentacle. BUT YOU MUST BE ON THE WATER ON A SMALL SHIP. The smaller the better.

    THE WAY TO WEAKEN HIM (have to do to destroy him, without this, there is no hope):

    We all know that he has the power to hypnotise human victims, but how? He puts out this supersonic "frequency." The key to weakening him is to somehow record this frequency reverse it, and play it back at him. He will fall limp and be revealed (not naked, I mean his face and all tentacles). He will be unable to stand and completely at your mercy. For how long, I don't know. This is why the next step must be taken care of before hand.

    THE WAY TO KILL HIM (MAKE SURE to weaken him FIRST. He will kill you, otherwise):

    You need IRON. Wrought iron is still fairly easy to come by. You must make it into a melee weapon. Then someone strong (I recommend Mr. Strahm. He is both strong and brave) must attack him in a very specific way. First, you must sever each tentacle as close to the base as you can. Kick him onto his back, and slice open the right side of his chest. Inside, you will find his large, six-chambered heart. REMOVE IT. Then, slice off his arms and legs, then his head. I know it sounds gruesome, and it sickens me to think of this happening to him...but I know he has to be stopped.


    When he is neutralized, His puppet-proxies' strings will be cut. Those residing here with he and I will be confused. I will rally them to our side and have them fight with the Agents (since they came to him of their own accord). The rest of you should storm HQ then.

    I only ask that when you DO storm the HQ, that you don't kill the freed proxies and myself. We will all be on your side, and they can't help that they were hollowed, just as I can't help that I was taken.

    just a messenger, hope this helps u guys in some way, from the Abducted lady in flowers