Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Lead

Mary Gallagher.

There's not much in this file about the woman I just named, but there's basic information and that's the best place to start. Judging by the picture from Armeen's album, she's around the same age Lizzie was, so early thirties. Hair color is still the same, assuming the picture in this file is a recent picture, which I'm not entirely sure it is. From the information given, she had been a Girl Scout at one point, helped out her elderly neighbors with their groceries, got good grades in school, wanted to join the Peace Corps...all around good girl.

This is six-or-seven-year-old information.

I guess this is as recent as I'm going to get.

None of this tells me whether or not she's still alive. Last known record of her was that she was in Alabama (it's either Alabama or New Jersey...why those two states, why does it always come down to those two states, what is it about those two states that attract this mystery like ants to dropped food?) and that's it. Most of what's in this file pertains to her research, which to me is just as important and interesting as the girl herself.

I told you all before, I looked through the Methodist files and could not find her. How could that be, when according to readers the Methodists had records of their users?

Simple: she's not Methodist.

Strictly speaking, she's not a part of any organized religion at all.

It looks like her family were members of some kind of cult, one that worshiped something that no organized Bible has ever spoken of, names that I only barely understand. From this it looks like she was...studying it? Studying the religion? I don't know. But among the written report are pictures I'm all too familiar with, drawings I know all too well.

It has no name, as far as I can tell. I looked everywhere, but the only thing I could really find were some Latin words. I know nothing about Latin, but the words “excilis everto” struck a chord with me. I feel like I've seen it before, but for the life of me I can't remember where...

It's never been seen in the public eye. It's always been underground. Never caused a problem, never had attention towards it. And from the looks of it, it's never wanted any of that. This strikes me as a little odd. Churches usually rely on donations and public support in order to stay alive. From the looks of it, however, it's pretty much extinct anyways, although judging by the pictures of mutilated corpses mixed in with the pages I don't think that's due to lack of funds.

Where Mary fits into all of this, what her position in the cult is, isn't entirely clear, but at the end of the notes, she seemed to be looking for a way out. The final entry says, “This is the last thing I'll ever write for them. One way or another, I'm getting out. May God have mercy on me.” I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it didn't end very well. I guess I'll never know though.

Regardless of whether or not she got out, this cult, this organization, this is a lead. If I can find out where they're originating from, I might be able to work from there. If there's anyone still alive, I might be able to “convince” them to spill. It's the only shot I've got right now.


It's three in the morning now, but I had to finish this off before I posted it. I just woke up from one of the more vivid nightmares I've had in a while. I'm in the woods, running towards a figure that I can't make out who or what it is. The faster I run, the faster the figure runs away from me. I call out to it, but it just leads towards a red building and then it disappears. I start to venture inside, but I'm instantly hit by black, and before I know it I'm falling and yelling and at the end there's my old slender friend with his tentacles reaching up for me and when I woke up I understood immediately what it meant.

The Latin words. "Excilis everto". I mentioned above that I recognized it from somewhere. I finally remembered where- or who- I heard it from.



  1. He's the first thing I thought of as soon as you mentioned 'cult'.
    Which makes me think...he wasn't crazy like his brother claimed.
    Damien's also the very first result if you Google "Excilis everto". Specifically, his post "Orestes".

    I do not like the sound of that dream. Wasn't Damien's mystery building he explored red? Zeke. Please be careful.

  2. Yeah Branwen said it first.

    D: What about excilis everto?
    (Long, long pause on the tape)
    M: What?
    D: Excilis everto, mother? I seem to remember you and father being rather close with him.

    Shit, be careful.

  3. Oh well fucking great. Dream in Darkness and the whole Slendercult orgy-fest.

    Good god, I wish you the best, Zeke. At least this lead helped with a stepping stone, might I advise you to tread carefully though? Who knows why our mutual friend Redlight'll show up again.

    Luck and love.

  4. Great. More cults.

    Stay safe, Zeke.


  5. "Excilis everto" is (shaky) Latin for "thin demon".

  6. Zeke...don't do anything stupid. I know it's against our natures, but I'm finding out more and more that some secrets are best left to die.

    Just keep an eye. Stay safe, Zeke. Stay smart. If you don't care about your own safety, then do it for me.

  7. Keep us posted. The P.T.C. is a bit wrapped up in other developments, but we're interested in anything you find. Anything related to cults is to be investigated, as standard operating procedure. Since you're handling that bit yourself, we'll just settle for keeping an eye on this blog. You can handle yourself.


  8. The dreams and information are far too specific to refer to anything else Zeke. If any detective is looking into this cold case, I'm glad it's you.

    My starting points:
    Try and look up Rick O'Connor and see if he actually exists. A lot of us have been doubting his legitimacy for some time.

    Try and look up the victims mentioned by Damien, we have the full names of two of them. If you can find public records of their deaths you should be able to narrow down the geographical location where Damien lived.

    I'll do a little digging myself, let you know what I find.

  9. Good luck and don't get yourself killed

  10. Dreams In Darkness?

    Sounds like I have something else I need to look up and read.

  11. Dr Cairo makes a good point. If you can find the records of the victims mentioned by Damien, you can hopefully find where Damien was. As for Mary, if it turns out that she is alive and in Jersey, there is a place out here for you to stay for a day or two.


  12. Cults freak me out. I'm not quite sure why, they just do. More requests that you be careful from me.

    And you mentioned that 'exilis everto' stood out to you, but was there any other Latin? I took four years of the language in high school (though I admit I'm only ok at it) and some other people seem to know Latin as well. So we can help translate if you want.

  13. Shit... Be careful, Zeke. I expect you get tired of hearing that, but still... If this cult is what we think it is, then the chances of that Mary Gallagher being alive are slim (no pun intended...). Good luck, man. You're going to need it on this one.

    - Anna

  14. Zeke, if you have time, please go and see if you can give any help to this couple who're dealing with some really bad shit.

  15. Correction: Things are calming down. If you want you can check it out.

    But it seems like things are getting back to normal.

  16. I'm sure you're aware cults are serious shit. They might look extinct on the surface but I'm pretty sure they're still doing just fine underground.

    Be careful out there.

    As for the dream, Be careful. We aren't 100% sure Mr Slim can't use your dream to affect you. We've seen too many videos of victims going missing while asleep and reappearing later or somewhere else.

    Dreams are powerful stuff.

  17. Do be careful, Mr Zeke. I wouldn't venture too deeply down this path without appropriate understanding and preparations; I offer my help and advice, if you want it, but I also offer a word of caution free of charge; Don't underestimate the powers of the mind. It's no coincidence that this dream crops up now, after reading about the Cult.

  18. Tell me more about this cult and its bible, I might have some additional information that may end up helpful somewhere among these journals I have scattered around my study.

    Or it might end up another dead end, who knows.

  19. I'll point you here to Damien's blog:

    I forget precisely where he finds out about the cult.

    This was dismissed as the babbling of a crazy, murderous, suicidal man in the end by an entity named Rick that called himself Damien's brother.
    I always questioned Rick's legitimacy...I wanted Damien to be telling the truth.

    And since (I assume) we're all pretty sure he at least mostly is...I don't trust this dream, Zeke. Not one bit.
    Like we've discussed. We don't know his intentions, but you're still alive and that's awesome. But I think he intends to send you somewhere with this.
    I know I've said this before but...
    If you decide to look into this cult and this mysterious red building...please be careful.

  20. Well, I hope you find what you're looking for...especially in terms of Damien. I also doubt Rick is being completely honest about the end of his brother...

  21. dude glad your still here and i hope you make it to the end he scares the shit out of me but i am in canada so i don't think he'll come up here anytime soon so i should be safe

  22. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for providing a few extra details on your whereabouts and your look, Strahm, it's always appreciated when you make my job easier.

  23. You're gonna go back to your base looking like a raccoon, but if you really think it's worth the hassle, by all means.

  24. Seriously, man? All the comparisons you could've made and you compare me to some trash-eating night owl? That hurts. Right here.

  25. I think he meant that you'll be going back to base with two black eyes, Delta.

  26. Zeke, I want to inform you a bit more about that particular phrase/title for stick boy. It's been a while since I've had to do some heavy duty latin, so pardon if I screw up a few of the endings in regards to differentiating between singular and plural.

    First, latin is a bit of a tricky language. Depending on the sentence construction, the endings used, and the idea being given by the words, sometimes a word may mean a whole lot more than you would think, or even be used specifically because of its multiple meanings. If you ever want a migraine, try translating latin poetry, and realize just how many different themes or entendres can be given with a few sentences.

    Excilis is latin for thin, usually as a descriptor for meager or small. For stick boy, this makes sense considering the build.

    Everto is the problem one. You see, Everto has more than one meaning based on the context it is used in. The main concepts it is used to describe is for ruining, revolt, overthrowing, or even to refer to throw something out as if it was trash and a few other concepts. Considering our emaciated subject and his propensity for twisting minds and corrupting perceptions, the concepts of ruining and corruption are excellent comparisons. The hallowed, the rich predator you dealt with when this started for you, all of them were human beings, flawed or greatly cruel, but until it came along, they were still human, and our tall chap likes to use submissives to do his work.

    Excilis Everto, "The Thin Corrupter", or "The Thin Ruiner" Take your pic of which title appeals to you more.

    If we wanted to refer to Pale Face as a demon or monster, we actually need to use the words "Letum" (Death) or "Tenebrea" (Shadow) to refer to him. These creatures were usually in Roman mythology as their counterparts to the Greek beings "Keres" which were released by Pandora when she opened the legendary box. They were the scourge of the world and caused all of its pain and misery. In Greek mythology, they also were considered the children of the goddess of darkness (Nyx), and the sisters of several gods of Death and Sleep (Thanatos, Hypnos, and a few others).

    Again, considering the history, this fits with it as well.

    Excilis Everto Letum, "The Corrupting Death"

  27. Hello, Zeke! Name's Shelby, obviously. I read the old blog, and of course flipped my shit(in a good way) when I saw you had a new one. Thought you were dead or in prison. Sorry for not commenting, but, eh, can't change the past. Hope you're ok.

    NAPPA, Therapist

  28. Hi. So you're the man who...sought truth, then? I see. I was told you were one of the sources I should seek out to survive while being hunted by this, "Slender Man". I have began reading both this and the old blog. I wish I could tell you my name, but, I don't know what I name is. I woke up earlier today with that...thing, staring in a nearby window, in at me.

  29. Oh, well. It's good to see our resident badass still alive. Be careful, Zeke.

  30. hey why do these guys want you dead, zekey? do you know a delta squad?

  31. ZEKE.

    I don't know you exactly and you don't know me exactly, but a guy named Delta who knows Fisk has kidnapped my Mother and will kill her if we don't give you up.

    I'm not here to curry favour with you, but I'm not one for, to steal a line from Tony Blair, "Not going to negotiate with terrorists."

    Though in this case, it's an Agent rather than a terrorist. for a heads up I guess....


    Urgh. Words fail.

  32. it's okay zekey. everything is okay now.

  33. Entertaining. The Fools fight amongst Themselves while the Master Hunts. Oh, we humans truly are a sorry lot.

  34. demons are at the hunt, you fight the faceless one, where as i fight the blue eyed one.
    for me a bird sings to warn me of his presenc.
    you only have a gut feeling best of wishes

  35. I... prayed that Damien's story wasn't true. His ramblings are more terrifying & tragic than any other case I have heard. However, if it is true then you've got some heavy investigation ahead of you.

    Almost caught up! Hope to be able to help out in real time soon.

    Stay safe Zeke. You're still our best hope.