Saturday, February 19, 2011

Damien O'Connor

I never did explain my thoughts on Damien, did I? With everything that's been going on, and the fact that I couldn't post for the longest time, it made me hold back my thoughts on the matter. Then everything that's happened in the last few months made me put it aside while other things took precedence.

The sad part is that I never read Dreams in Darkness or found out about everything Damien had been through until after he had died; a guilty feeling that worsened when I realized that he had been following my little adventure. I wonder if it would have made a difference had I realized him sooner...I guess it really doesn't matter now...

Some people think what happened to Damien last summer was real. Still others think that everything he said happened was just a story he made up. Well, I'll tell you my thoughts, but I'll tell you now, my thoughts on the subject are mixed.

The things Damien found in that building, the things his mother told him, the video do you just make a story like that up, I wonder? All of it seemed too...real, I guess. The timeline and how things matched up with each other just seemed to fit just right. There were few points in his blog where I doubted what was happening, and it was pretty much because my gut felt everything he had gone through. Every description hit me where it hurt.

With Damien, it really just comes down to gut instinct. They say that a true story truly told makes the stomach believe. It definitely did that to mine.

The reason I say I'm mixed, though, is because Rick's confession puts things into perspective for me. There are certainly parts of the narrative we can't account for. Damien's exact medical history was never revealed, so he may very well have been a full-on psycho. The details about Amelia, since we only heard one side of the story, makes sense to me. The story of his family, his uncle, could very well have been fabricated and with the mother being insane and thus not an entirely reliable source, who's to say it wasn't?

Damien throws his word, but Rick throws facts. It's hard to say for certain which one is the winner.

Hypothetically speaking, it COULD have all been fake, I don't know. But something just doesn't add up for me.

Still, it calls for more investigation. Six bodies are pulled out of the incident; Damien, his roommate Ted, the Ellison couple, Amelia, and Wilcox. Ted was found strung up by his intestine, all his other organs in bags a couple feet away. The Ellisons were torn apart in their motel room. Amelia, killed in a car accident. Wilcox, slit throat and knife to the heart.

Damien, did he die, exactly? Hanging? Slit wrists? Burned himself in with his house? All we're told is that he's dead, killing himself as he's about to be apprehended...I believe that he did in fact die, of that I'm...well, not positive, but near certain. There are too many factors for Rick to take into consideration if he was going to try and pass his brother off as dead. Not if he actually wanted hiding a kid with a split personality to work.

Now, the things Damien found...the drawings, that weird bone-thing...where are they now, I wonder? Confiscated? Buried? Were they ever really real to begin with? Rick seems to hint that they are, but...what purpose? I don't know. Maybe it's just a weird-shaped bone. I'm not putting too much importance on it; I've said before, simple items won't kill Slender Man. Too easy.

Too many questions, far too many. And what few answers there are died when Damien did. If I have any chances of understanding what happened, I'm going to need to go to where Damien lived and explore around. Maybe I'll find what he was talking about. Maybe I'll find what Rick said was there. Either way, I need to see for myself.

Rick, if you're still out there, if you still pay attention to any of this...message me. Comment on here. Let me know. There's deeper shit than what you told us, I know there is. You owe it to your brother to figure out what.

In the mean time, I'm gonna try and map Damien's exact hometown, since it was never specifically stated where he lived. If anyone has any idea, let me know.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck, Zeke.

    Remember: stay objective. No matter what you see or hear or learn -- and it may be awful -- keep your cool.

    As for me, I'll just be happy when you're out of there. I have a bad feeling about this.

  2. maybe you could look up the timestamp of the blogs that detailed certain events, like immolating the cult-priest-guy, and search for similar events that happened in that timeframe. not that Google is some magical search engine, but it's a place to start. from there, you could start asking locals for names.

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  4. Disregard that. I think I'm mixing up stories.

    Anyways, I will definitely do what I can to help. I'm rereading DiD as I'm typing this.

  5. Good Luck, Zeke.

    I hope that DiD is helpful in your endeavours.

    I'd ask you to wish us luck also, but that's rather redundant.

  6. We...uh...had a "conference" with Him last night.
    I actually thought to ask Him about Damien.

    He says Damien was silenced. He's says not to trust Rick.

    I don't entirely trust our tall friend's information either but...make of that what you will.

    ~ Branwen

  7. Bran, he's not caused any harm to us. I have no reason to not believe and trust him. I understand your doubts and all, but yeah. He's shown us no reason to NOT trust him. Until he does, I'll trust him.

  8. Who the hell is Rick? I read through all of Dreams In Darkness and I dont remember anything about Rick. Could someone shed some light?

  9. In the comments on the last blog post, Rick O'Conner, supposed brother of Damien, comes in and tries to explain what really happened.

    He makes the claim that it was all in Damien's head. That in fact, Damien killed several people, most likely.

    Honestly, I'm not sure. Damien admitted early on that yes, he had problems psychologically, the explanation does make a certain sort of sense.

    The worst part is that for those who watched him and egged him on, if it is true, ended up helping him destroy himself and his life.

  10. Well, Branwen, a question for you: What would the Black King stand to gain by lying about Rick? If anything, disproving Damien's encounters with the Black King as madness would be beneficial to the Black King, one would think. But to say Rick is not to be trusted... well...

    I'm not going to pretend to know the Black King's alien mindset, but at least this once I believe he opted for the truth, for whatever reason.

  11. Damiens home: If things stay as they are, probably Alabama or New Jersey. *smirk*

    Just kidding, but is a full name not enough to find a person?

  12. That's how I feel, Thage. I want to believe Him on this. I really do. Only because it may be incredibly helpful.
    But I will remain wary of anything He says.

    On another topic: Proxies. They are absolutely everywhere these days. Why.

    And Redlight...I believe I've misled you with the information I thought I had, Zeke. Because in case you haven't seen, it turns out Redlight isn't one person. Redlight is people. A bunch of them.

    So my apologies.

    But who MIGHT be Jay...

    ~ Branwen

  13. @Zeke

    Damien makes repeated mention of his gun being nearby. If he did indeed commit suicide as a comparatively pleasant alternative to being spirited away by the thin white douche, or simply out of madness & fear, then I believe he would have taken the quick way. Otherwise what's his skinny eldritch horror from stopping him?

    I hope you find the truth, as always. Even if it is some sort of half truth or red herring, I for one would feel a great deal more at ease to know one way or another. There was much in his story that bears investigation. The use of a splintered mind to combat outside influence, the mysterious bone artifact, the cult... his story seem very important, if true. If not, we still must dispel the myths to get to the truth.

    Stay safe Zeke. You are still our best hope. I'm finally caught up, so I hope to be able to aide you & the other runners as much as I can. Even though I pull my shades every night & can't sleep for fear that those eyeless eyes will one day turn my way, still I can't sit idly by in stoic silence. I just can't.

  14. the truth comes in ways that we may not like, i have still made it to this day with out my problem getting to me best of wishs and may the road be safe for you