Monday, December 20, 2010

The more I observe the situation going on around us, the more I can't comprehend how things got like this. It's almost as if we're being punished.

In our little world, we have three points of worry. The first one is the obvious: Ole' Tall Pale and Faceless. The ever silent stalker. The "angel of death", as I've heard spoken so many times before. The guy you love to fear and hate to see.

Every day, some poor new soul reports getting seen by him. I don't know how M deals with all the people that crowd to him, looking for answers to a mystery that may never be solved, even by someone like me. Some make it a week, others maybe a month or two. Every once in a while, you get that person who looks like they'll make it more than that, and you welcome them, you do everything you can for them. The others, you just try to keep them comforted right before the Tentacle Man comes for them in the end.

Never fun.

Guys like M and Zero are doing their best to lead them in their own ways. Even with the band that has swarmed to them like moths to the flame, I can't see myself as a part of their group. I'll help, but I don't feel like I fully belong in that circle. I've always been a bit of a lone wolf, and that's just how I like to operate. As much as I like them, as much as I respect them and wish them the best, I can't allow myself to fully commit to the team.

Especially with what happened to Robert and Nessa.

Which leads me to the second point of worry. The proxies. Or "Hallowed", as I guess the new term has been coined. I personally don't know which term I prefer more. "Dipshits" seems the most appropriate term.

Seems like you get different breeds. The regular ones give the cryptic sayings and random binaries; the usual. But the smarter ones, the ones that taunt you from the safety of their own blogs, those are the ones that either deal directly with him or directly on their own. Guys like Conaghan, smart, sophisticated, knowing full well what they're getting themselves into and not caring about the consequences. Completely brainwashed.

I've seen a couple of examples of this, mainly in the chick that's taunting the "Stopping Lights" girl and "Redlight". I have no doubt that their "master" is telling them what they're doing; I recognize their speech from Conaghan. How long they'll go, I can't say. If they ever come across me, not long.

And then...there's the dead. Somehow Nessa came back from the dead, and...I guess Zero gave her up? Which is getting me a little annoyed. I don't care what Redlight "promised". He's one of them. Nessa was one of yours. And you gave her up so that she could have an escape from this?

There is no ESCAPE from this.

We're all in this until either he's dead, or we are. And we're not getting any "help" for doing so.


Which leads me to point of worry number three.

The government.

Before I get into this topic, to quell the confusion let me first get rid of the basic beliefs:

The government didn't "create" Slender Man. He isn't the byproduct of some military experiment. He has no ties to the military whatsoever. The president is not using him to take over the world. He's not on government payroll. The government has absolutely no intention to use him in any global or political matters.

But they know he's there.

And they know they can't control him.

So they do the next best thing.

They monitor him. They keep an eye on him. They let him do his own thing, they don't try and stop him because they know he won't push it too far.

And then there's his "handler". Fisk.

What I mean by handler is that Fisk is the one tasked with making sure he keeps track of all the sightings and going to anywhere Slender Man might be located. If anyone's ever dealt with an F.B.I agent involved in a Slender sighting/kidnapping, chances are it's either Fisk or one of his men. Fisk is clean-up. Slender Man makes the mess, he comes in and cleans it up.

Now I know a lot of people are going to think I'm making this up. I know a lot of people won't believe me. I don't expect you to. But before you entirely dismiss it, think about this:

How many people have just up and disappeared in the last year and a half? How many women? How many children? How many random and unaccounted suicides? How many bizarre murders? How many times have people reported a friend going out of his mind before either suddenly disappearing or dying? This is no longer an isolated sitution, I'm sure you're all aware of this. This has become a pandemic.

And you mean to tell me that after all that, NO ONE can make a federal case of it? NO ONE has tried taking this above the local law enforcement? NO ONE is making a big deal out of this?

It's because they know. They know what's been unleashed on us. And they don't care.

One enemy, on all sides of us. They've boxed us into the middle, and we're left to fight our way out. No matter where you are, or how it's effecting you, the overall outcome is still the same.

There's no help coming.

We're on our own.


  1. It seems like a very hopeless situation, but at least we have each other right? (Listen to me, I sound like a sappy Christmas special or something)

    I don't want to be rude by linking to my blog, but did you ever get to hear the song I wrote for you?

    I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts on it if you have the time.

  2. Zeke,

    I'm a guy that just started running in November, and man what you said about people flocking to guys like M made me feel, well, guilty 'bout bugging them so much...but eh. I've been trying to find a way to contact you since, well, before I started running...good to see you're alive and apparently doing well, I was sorta scared after the crazy blogposts on Seeking Truth.

    I'd fill your blog with a big comment, but you aren't the type for that so I'll just say...keep doing what you're're a beacon of hope to most of us running from him.

  3. Hosozukuri- I have listened to the song. I've been meaning to thank you for it. I liked it a lot.

    Dylan- Don't mean to bring anyone down. I've been known to be rather blunt. Hang in there.

  4. I'm a interesting case. I'm both Runner, and Hollowed. ~Rose
    I'm her other half, Lily. I'm the Hollowed one. -Lily

  5. Not surprised about Fisk being damage control. And I'm fairly certain if he could help, he would. You're forgetting, these guys may know what they're up against, but they don't have the ability to take him down.

    There's a difference between knowing how to hide behind cover, and actually having cover to hide behind, after all. Then again, the Feds aren't exactly on good terms with my organization, either. Either way, they're an obstacle.

    If you want Fisk out of the way, say the word. Chances are we can pay him a visit after the Solstice.

    We'll need directions, of course.


  6. Everybody goes, sooner or later.
    What makes the differenc is HOW we go.

    Do stay safe, man.
    You are a beacon of hope for many.
    Either just, or a badass authority figure.

    Rooting for ya,

  7. Lone wolf? Zeke, I bet you've never seen an explosion in your life, have you? I don't know if I'm on a team per say, I don't know Zero too well, but you do help people. Not to be too sappy but you do and you can't just brush that off, turn to Claude Raines, and listen to some nice piano music.

    As for the FBI that makes sense I guess. I already have a file from some shit I did when I was younger so they can just add to that I guess. Haha

    - M

  8. If seeing a warehouse go up in flames counts as an explosion...

    Heh, M, you know I don't word things properly. I'm glad to help where I can, and Lord knows I've been trying. I've just never viewed MYSELF as a member of a specific group. Even if the opposite is truly in effect. It's a personal view of myself.

    File? Jesus, you little rebel, heheheh.

  9. Zeke, as somebody who sees them let me tell you they are constantly happening behind you, you just never turn around! Just keep walking, usually to rock music.

    I understand that. Being seen as something you don't think you are is hard, especially now. Stay strong, man. People are here to help you, even if that's hard to believe.

    Haha not really, just a nerdy kid who hacked too far into some stuff he shouldn't have when he was young and bored.

    - M

  10. Nice to hear from you again, Mr. Strahm. I have to agree with Dylan in that you're a form of hope for most of us, that you were one of the first (if not THE first) not to just sit down and start going crazy.

    As the risk of sounding like a kids show, the only way we can pull through this is to work together :/ A bunch of kids running around like headless chickens is useless, a bunch of kids collaborating may well be a force to be reckoned with. We are, after all, in quite large numbers now.


  11. Welcome back Mr. Strahm. Glad you're back, but damn... I was worried the government was something more than just incompetent in all this. No wonder the HYBRIDS' video evidence got ignored by the police over and over.

  12. Glad to see you're back, Zeke. I think I speak for all of use when I say that I've missed you.

    Now...I really want to trust you with this whole Fisk thing. There's just one question I have to ask:

    That dead body in your garage. What's up with that. If you accidentally killed someone, I think I'd be okay with that. It was just a simple mistake. But why the hell didn't you tell us about it? I'm sure Fisk twists events, yes, but I doubt he makes them up. I have to know what the hell's up with that before I can fully trust you again. And if it is somehow your fault,'re a wanted man by this point anyway. It's not like it's going to incriminate you more than you've already been incriminated.


  13. Escape? Is that what he was trying to help me do?

    At least coming back from the dead doesn't sound plausible enough to make me believe it.

  14. Thank goodness you are okay. I was worried when Redlight claimed you wouldn't make it past the solstice.

  15. Glad you're alive & still sane Zeke. But did I miss something between here & Seeking Truth? This all seems rather abrupt. Where you been?

  16. The psychology of the slender man is quite.....odd.When teenagers and other humans looked at the slenderman videos on youtube or looked at someones blog about him you humans panicked in fear he would find you.Well the slender man has been seen everywhere in the world and no one knows who started this myth.But you still fear somethimg that doesn't fit science.there is no creature that has no face but can still live.That's impossible.Name a creature that can grow multiple arms and make it's abdomen thin.There is none.There is nothing to fear but your own imagination.But the victims of the past went insane and died because they're weak minds could'nt think for themselves.All the photos of him?Photoshopped=faked.All the videos?Staged=faked.And the blogs?They were written for your mere entertainment.Remember boys and girls...the slender man is a parasite of the mind who is controlling a part of your brain and then you find yourself at war.With who?Not the slender man,but can think for yourself.I was almost a victim to this fad,but I finally confronted myself and yelled "The nightmare is over!You don't exist!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!".He faded away and was just a memory.And know this.....if you see the slenderman,it's just your head(imagination) trying to attack the Twin Towers(sanity) you own.By the way.....the slenderman is just a montage of past or present movie characters,you know like a reference.And all those "records" of children being kidnapped by him,were just papers stolen from a police station and then the amatuer wrote on those papers the date,crime,etc. was just trying to make it look real.

  17. That's not why Zeke......they're not doing anything because he is'nt real and he never will be.Confront yourself with a sword and yell that he isn't real he is a charcter of fiction.You humans that do believe in him.....are so pathetic.