Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I've been searching around for the last week, but with just a first name to go by, it's hard to pick one person out of a few billion. Even harder to go off a person in a picture taken almost thirty years ago. If I had better resources...or maybe just my old office, maybe we'd get some kind of trace. Not here, though.

I may have to take it to the library or some higher server. Don't know where I'd find one out here, so I may have to venture into the city for theirs. Not relishing that trip.

I'm currently...not exactly in hiding, but not exactly in the humble city surroundings that I'm used to. This town is literally in the middle of nowhere, but the people are nice enough, all forty-something of them. It's forced me to come up with an entirely new routine, but seeing as how their police department has a total of three officers, I can pretty much walk about in my disheveled appearance with no more than a disapproving look from the old lady whose house is next to the town church.

My house, which is more of a rundown shack- which is pretty much all I can live in, it's not like I can really buy a house at the moment- just has the living essentials and that's it. Internet is absolutely shit. I'm leeching off the nearest house. Half the time I'm amazed I can actually post anything. There's a generator in the back, which I've gotten fuel for. So I have power. Other than that...there's really nothing else to say about it. It's freezing cold, I swear to God there's a raccoon hanging from the rafters, and I can't get one of the windows to shut all the way, but it's home.

Now, the big question I'm sure you're all asking: Have I had any visitors?

Just one. Early on. And I dealt with him.

Not him, otherwise I don't think I'd be typing this today. Just one of his boys that decided he really wanted to be loyal and bring me in to him. Currently he's out back, six feet under the ground. That's what loyalty to that freak gets you. Four missing fingertips, ten cracked toes, a cut-up face and a bullet through the chest.

But I haven't truly seen him since that night in the warehouse...that night...

I don't know...finding someone who any number of things could have happened to in thirty years is not the easiest thing in the world, but I'm doing the best I can. I'm going to need a bigger mainframe. Looks like that trip is unavoidable, so I'd better start planning. One fuck-up, and I'll have Fisk's entire horde coming down on me.

A couple notes to other bloggers:

Danny- Get out of there. The situation is compromised. Shannon isn't going to go willingly; she may in fact be under his...whatever he does. The chances of both of you leaving on your own terms are slim. Get out while you can, however you can. I know you think I'm a psycho, but if somewhere in that very limited brain of yours is any survival instincts, however small they may be, listen to them and hit the road.

Celeste- I don't know what you'd have me do. I'm doing what I can to survive right now. Maybe when this is all over I'll send a condolence card, but right now the less he knows the better off he is. And what I said wasn't exactly far off from the truth.

Plus, your friend asked me to help. I was already doing that. Doesn't really effect the way I go about my day.

Alright, that's it for the moment. I'll update again when I've made my trip.


  1. Forge ahead, but keep your shield steady and sword drawn.

  2. Good luck, Zeke. I'll be waiting for you.

  3. If the girl was Methodist as a child, she might still be Methodist. Have you checked with the church?

  4. Zeke, is there anyway that you can access a simple computer program that can allow you to age Mary's face in the photo to what she may look like today? Perhaps if you can do that, than maybe it might help people recognize her and help you find her.

  5. Ben's idea is a good one. I grew up going to a Methodist church, and they keep good records, to the point that most of them let out a yearly directory of members. That said, (unless you magically happen across a directory from Mary's hometown around the time her family lived there) it'll be almost impossible to find her if you don't know her last name. You may be able to get that from school records or yearbooks or something, if she was that age before she left/disappeared, but I don't know.

    As for the trip to the city, keep the beard, and if possible, bleach/dye your hair or get prescription-less glasses, or just poke the lenses out of a pair of cheap reading glasses. It's easy enough to look like someone you're not if you can manage to keep from drawing attention to yourself.

  6. Zeke Im glad your telling us your situation. but We need to know one thing.


  7. Zeke,

    To be frank, I was a bit wary of the idea that the government had people monitoring this, but waking up to find three Spooks standing over you sorta changes your perspective, doesn't it?

    They weren't some of Fisk's brightest men, and when they actually saw ole tall and Slender, they started panicking like there was no tomorrow, like they hadn't seen him before. I managed to get away, Hallowed killed those agents.

    I don't expect you to believe me, but it seems there are some agents whose specific purpose is to scare away 'fakes', and that's what they thought I was...heh.

    I'm glad you managed to find somewhere that you can call 'home' again, even if it doesn't seem that great compared to what you used to have.


  8. Hello, name is J.i've had indirect contact with the slender man.i get threating letters from emails that don't closest encounter was was raining.i live in florida,so it was odd.i went to the back window,looking out,when i saw his was constantly swaying,in irregular i went to the bathroom,and i looked out that window.i saw two children from next door playing by the power pole in my yard.when i went back into the kitchen,they were gone.i knew he didn't take them,because i heard the door slam next door,and laughing.not HIS laughter,regular laughter.although,it was odd they had went inside so fast.i can't run,zeke.i told my parents about him,but they think i'm crazy when i mention him.i'm not even old enough to drive yet.but now,things have been getting more intense,so this may be it.when he finally attacks me,i'm taking my own risks with running.good luck,detective.

  9. Wow, how did I miss this?

    Welcome back, Zeke. Glad to see you've been posting again. I think I can safely say that we're all big fans. And now that we've got our Mystic back, we've got someone to go for guidance again. Ain't that great, guys? Of course it is.

  10. Isn't homelessness great? It's like camping all the time! Except no food or clean clothes and I fucking hated camping. What do you think finding this girl will do by the way? I mean I can see why it would seem like a logical step but just make sure you don't get somebody else involved in this, especially somebody you;d have to take care of.

    - M

  11. @M Ah, M! Good to see you still kicking... no updates and no comments anywhere for a few weeks there, I was a bit nervous for you.

  12. M, I have no idea what to expect. For all I know, this girl died years ago. But at least it's getting me out and about, which is better than what I have been doing.

  13. There isn't much I can do aside from wish you luck Mr. Strahm, so good luck Mr. Strahm. I'm rooting for you.

  14. Good luck, Zeke. Your initial blog had given me some interesting Theories to test and this one seems to be doing the same.

    As for the girl, I may not know much about religion, but I do agree with the knowledge that Methodist Churches keep astoundingly detailed records.

    As for Aging Software?

    It's free and online, nothing to download and you just need to upload the photo.

    So maybe, scan the photo/take a photograph of it and then upload it.

    It's not the best, but everyone needs a starting point, right?

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  17. Hehe, still the worst introduction ever, but who the hell cares? My name is Tony. I was recommended to come over here and talk to you via Ava. Currently I'm reading up what you did on your other blog.

    Nice to meet you, Mr. Strahm. Sounds like you've made some nice memories with it. Hope your luck doesn't run out any time soon.

  18. Okay ignore my first comment...we may or may not be in as much trouble as I thought. It's hard to tell on my side, being spread across five (or six with Skye) different people.
    And there's Aiden's half. It's...confounding.

    My name is Branwen. You can call me Bran. Me and my friends...we're kind of in a mess. Not right now, but it will get worse. I know it will. I just don't know when.

    And hello, Zeke. Took me a bit to find this, but it's good to see you're still writing. We look up to you, you know. C: